Stroke (CVA)

The difficulties you may experience after a stroke will depend on the region of the brain affected, and the type of stroke suffered. It may be haemorrhagic (a bleed) or an infarction (blood clot or emboli that prevents blood flow in the brain). Brain tissue (cells) that receive insufficient blood flow and oxygenation because of the stroke die, and the area of the brain affected does not function as it did before.

Neuro-physiotherapy is likely to be central to your recovery following a stroke, and a neuro-physiotherapist will understand if you have new cognitive, communication, or other difficulties. Rehabilitation may include assessment and treatment for balance impairments, alignment to improve standing or walking, or use of the arm and hand. You may wish to look at return to fitness or to paid or voluntary work. No two strokes are the same and an experienced neuro-physiotherapist will work hard to help you achieve your best possible outcomes.