Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) following diagnosis by a Neurologist only.

FND is a complex condition which is often little understood by general healthcare teams, or by friends and family of those suffering. It will normally be diagnosed after significant neuro imaging and tests have taken place, and a full patient history collected. Clinicians describe the condition as NOT ‘irreversible damage’ and so there is excellent scope to improve.  Once you have received a firm diagnosis by a Neurologist, and you have had a chance to have your questions answered, neuro-physiotherapy can help.

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As part of a team, including the patient as key team-member, a course of physiotherapy can give you goals and actions to work towards. You are likely to see improvements quickly under the guidance of an experienced neuro-physiotherapist. However, best practice also informs us that periods of treatment should not be open-ended or indefinite. You should expect a set period of intervention, in order for you to achieve the best goal-related outcomes.